“Preachers Block has literally changed my life! Thank you doesn’t go far enough to express my appreciation to all of you for this resource! It has been life changing for my prep!” 
Rev. Janet Krantz

“Preacher’s Block is so good! It reminds me of working in the library during seminary when we would all gather and sit and work together. Great accountability and super productive!”
Rev. Rowland Buck

“One of the best decisions I’ve made for my sermon prep. It’s unleashing a new level of creativity 🙂”
Rev. Michelle Buck

“I thought Jessica had to be kidding. Voluntarily hang out on a Zoom call to ‘work together’? No way. But I was blown away by what I experienced. Simple accountability applied just enough pressure to want to work well; along with the desire to have something tangible to show for my time at the end. Being able to honestly say to others, who might need my time or attention, that I was on a Zoom call helped hold boundaries on my schedule to avoid interruption, or giving my time away to something else. The combination of a shared work space, and structured time on my calendar, was the perfect storm for productive work! I’m hooked.”

Rev. Sarah Wanck
Lead Pastor, Christ Church of the Quad Cities

“I have for years struggled with the desire to be available to my ministry partners when needed and my desire to have focus on the creative and writing tasks of ministry. The Preacher’s Block model helped me protect the time, focus on one important task at a time. I was much more productive than on my own. And feeling solidarity in the work is so encouraging. Really, I’m hooked.”
Rev. Leslie Tomlinson
Pastor, Harker Heights UMC

“It’s like the best study party you’ve ever attended!”
Rev. Tori Heath

Asbury UMC

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