Preacher’s Block

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Nearly every preacher struggles with finding enough time in the week to write effective sermons. Or, when they do sit down to write, they find that they are constantly distracted by emails, social media notifications, or their own wandering thoughts.

A group of preachers in search of focused time joined together to create Preacher’s Block, an online co-working community intent on eliminating distractions in pursuit of their most creative, productive work.

Preacher’s Block offers a focused Zoom space for 90 minutes of incredibly fruitful time where we produce our deepest work.

Setting aside this block of time in an online co-working community of preachers removes the two biggest obstacles most preachers face when they write sermons:

Distraction –  Our thoughts are more fragmented than ever, with pastoral needs and to-do lists creeping into every moment. Our time for focused sermon prep is often taken away by someone needing “just 5 minutes” or given away when we can’t mentally settle down to work and find other things to do.

Isolation – In a very social vocation, preparing sermons is perhaps the most isolating part of our work. This is why we work in coffee shops, wander to social media, and talk our spouse’s and friends’ ears off about our sermon topics.

Preacher’s Block is a focused space where we put our distractions away and work individually but together. The tools for rewiring our scattered brains into monotasking machines are offered in a supportive environment of others who are also doing the hard but rewarding work of getting ready to preach.

Sign up for any of the upcoming 90-minute preacher’s blocks. In fact, you can sign up for two sessions or even more! See familiar faces. Get work done and leave lighter and more ready for Sunday.

Join the most focused community of sermon preparation on the planet.
Click on this link to sign up for an upcoming Preacher’s Block.

See testimonials from happy preachers here!

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